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Our Services

It’s a fact: Communities across America are expanding access to health care, reducing costly emergency room care, and improving public health. How? By connecting local providers and using resources in new ways. We can help you do the same and reinvest for better results. Contact us today for a free assessment.

 planting1. Groundwork

Navigate Resources

Members can call and talk to a Communities Joined in Action Resource Navigator who will help you answer questions about your communities capacity and readiness for change and connect you to toolkits, literature and peer mentors.

Best Practices & Models

Communities Joined in Action houses profiles of communities that have successfully designed and implemented integrated health care access systems. These include some of the nation’s most highly acclaimed models, with details on structure, outcomes, lessons learned and financing.

Learn About Membership2. Coalition Building

Call to Action & Pacing Events

No aspect of community health care reform is more important than gaining consensus on goals and the commitment of local leaders to action. We will assist you in planning events that surface local champions and show you how to make rapid progress, tracking milestones and accomplishments.

Partner Engagement

We will show you how to engage critical stakeholders who are absolutely vital to the success of community health care reform, such as physicians, physician networks and county medical societies; providers, including hospitals, public health centers and social service agencies; and other catalysts from the business and faith sectors.

Political Will Building

Equally essential in community work is developing political will for action. Drawing on the experiences and lessons of successful action campaigns, Communities Joined in Action helps communities devise and carry out proven strategies for engaging officials, creating a sense of urgency, building consensus around what needs to be done and securing commitment for action.

Working with the Media

Gain learning tools and tips for working with the media to publicize your issue and build support for action.

1113. Technical Assistance

After selecting the model that works best for your community, we can broker connection to a wide array of technical experts and consultants to help communities design, finance and implement programs, from developing a winning business plan and MIS strategy to identifying and leveraging funding mechanisms.


success4. Special Services

Communities Joined in Action also provides state-level assistance to help states improve health access and outcomes, and facilitate local efforts to integrate services to achieve better health for more people at less cost.

Is your community the next SUCCESS story?
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