2022 Conference

Conference Overview

Communities Joined in Action (CJA) reconvened for the 2022 CJA National Conference after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a theme of “Bridging Communities to Achieve Equity for All,” CJA brought together health champions from across the country to New Orleans, LA, September 19-20, 2022. The mission of CJA is to connect and equip communities with tools to improve health equity and well-being. CJA is a national membership organization committed to improving health and eliminating disparities. 

Session Topics

  • Workforce: Short- and long-term strategies for attracting and maintaining an exemplary workforce for your organization or program(s).
  • Financing and Sustainability: Successful methods of sustaining financing and fundraising, from health insurance payments and state budget appropriations to grants and donations.
  • Innovative Initiatives: Effective initiatives and programs to promote equity, improve health, and eliminate disparities in communities.
  • Partnering and Community Engagement: Successful methods of developing and sustaining community engagement and partnerships.

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