Communities Joined in Action (CJA) is a private, non-profit membership organization of nearly 150 community health collaboratives – each of our members being committed to improving health, improving access, and eliminating disparities in their communities. Our mission is to connect and equip communities with tools to improve health equity and well-being. CJA supports our members by facilitating the rapid dissemination of innovations across communities. We provide access to technical resources, peer-mentors from model communities, best practices, as well as host conferences and facilitate local networking opportunities.


Communities Joined in Action is entering a new season of member service, engagement, and support. Increased visibility in development of national policy, standardized metrics to benchmark performance and evaluate the efficacy of programs, on-site technical assistance, as well as training for health collaborative directors are being developed to better serve our membership.

We help communities organize for action so they can implement changes that Improve health, eliminate disparities and provide 100% access to care.

Join Hundreds of Other Communities Nationwide For:

  • Just-in-time toolkits and how-to materials from leaders who have been successful.
  • A learning community approach to generate political will at the local level.
  • Lessons from other best practice communities.
  • A stronger, shared voice in state and national health policy.
  • Connections to prominent national organizations and visibility with potential funders.
  • Help navigating value-added technical assistance and consultation.

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