Membership Benefits

Membership Levels & Benefits

Membership Benefits

“Membership Has Its Privileges”

All members receive:

  • Annual Conference (reduced registration fee)
  • Webinars (free for members)
  • Free posting of job announcements on CJA Job Board
  • First priority for available scholarships/assistance in attending the CJA Annual Conference and partner events
  • “Peer-to-peer” learning and networking opportunities

Membership Levels

Corporate Level
Annual contribution registers your company as a corporate leader committed to sponsoring community driven health care reform to achieve better health for all people at less cost. You will have the benefit of a long-term, ongoing relationship with CJA and its community members and participating in many activities.

Membership is based upon the annual operating budget for a corporation/business:

  • <$1 million – $ 850
  • $1-3 million – $1,000
  • $3-5 million – $2,500
  • >$5 million  – $5,000 *

Additional Benefits

  • Complimentary exhibit space at CJA Annual Conference ($1,500 value)
  • Opportunity to present one webinar each year
  • Corporate logo and website link on CJA website
  • Assistance with promotions and targeted mailings

*One courtesy registration at CJA Annual Conference for corporate level members who contribute $5,000 or more per year.

Community-Based Organization Level
A $350 annual contribution registers your community as one that is developing, executing, and documenting results that are making a significant and positive difference towards population health improvement, eliminating health disparities, and lowering costs. Furthermore, you and your organization will be recognized on the CJA Community Honor Roll and will be highlighted in terms of performance and recognition as a “best/promising practice” at state and national levels for replication, advocacy and research.

Additional Benefits

  • All employees from your organization receive the discount for registrations at CJA Annual Conference and can attend CJA webinars for free.

Individual Level
A $150 annual contribution is the appropriate membership for individuals who are personally committed to reforming the health care system of this country and wish to support this movement.

Additional Benefits

  • Eligible for one discount at annual conference and other events

Student Level
A $75 annual contribution is for any full time student registered at a university, college, or community college.

Additional Benefits

  • Consideration for available scholarships for attendance at the CJA Annual Conference and partner events
  • Eligible for one discount at annual conference and other events

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