Membership Has Its Privileges

Communities Joined in Action (CJA) is a national private, non-profit membership organization.  With members representing a variety of public and private organizations including community health collaboratives, each of our members are committed to improving health, improving access, and eliminating disparities in their communities. Our mission is to mobilize and assist community health collaboratives and other community based organizations to assure better health for all people at less cost. CJA supports our members by facilitating the rapid dissemination of innovations across communities.  CJA brings together thought leaders and pioneers to understand how innovations in health and healthcare can be financed.  We provide access to technical resources, peer-mentors from model communities, best practices, as well as host conferences and facilitated national networking opportunities among other services.

We take an innovative, grass-roots approach to fulfilling our mission by documenting and disseminating exemplary practices based on the cumulative successes of our members. We broker access to value-added technical talent, offer a strong, shared voice in state and national health policy, and provide connections to prominent national organizations and leaders as well as increased visibility with potential funders. Members of CJA belong to a national network where the successful program or idea of one health collaborative can be amplified across the country to many others.

Throughout our 12 year history, CJA has been recognized as a change agent.  Our ability to broker important health and health care dialog, our ability to be fluid and dynamic in our approach, the ability to convene a variety of multi-sector stakeholders, and access to the expertise of our national membership has be recognized by our public and private partners.

CJA has focused and developed solid partnerships with other leading national organizations and provided meaningful opportunities for our members to get involved.  CJA’s role as a sponsoring lead agency with IHI’s SCALE Initiative is resulting in increased visibility on the development of national policy and on-site technical assistance.  CJA as a core partner in the Pathways Community HUB Certification Initiative is partnering to develop standardized metrics to benchmark performance and evaluate the efficacy of programs.  CJA’s role in the emerging work focused on excellence in community benefit practice.  Each of these initiatives have and will strengthen our ability to increase shared knowledge and learnings among our members.

Become a member of Communities Joined in Action (CJA)!

We are excited that you are interested in joining Communities Joined in Action, a membership organization comprised of community leaders, health departments, community health centers, hospitals, practitioners and networks, AHECs, government officials, university professors and business leaders. We are a dynamic voice committed to sustaining the strength and integrity of community-led solutions.

Our mission is to mobilize and assist community health collaboratives to assure better heath for all people at less cost. We are dedicated to our network of health collaboratives – each working towards improving health access and eliminating disparities.

We are a learning community and want you to be a meaningful part of it. As a member of this community, you will be linked to other communities across America. Join us and help define what communities need to move smarter, faster and bolder while improving health in your local communities.

Who Should Join CJA?

You! We estimate that there are over 600 communities unofficially in various stages of community driven health care reform to achieve better health for more people at less cost. Let’s make it official by identifying all the dots on a map and connecting those dots into a national movement. There are five types of membership so that you can participate at the level that best fits your needs:

  • Individual Level $150 annually
  • Community-Based Organization Level $350 annually
  • CJA Affiliate $450 annually
  • Student Level $75 annually
  • Corporate Level
    • Less than $1 million $850
    • $1-3 million $1,000
    • $3-5 million $2,500
    • Greater than $5 million $5,000

Point of Contact
Ashley Jones, MPH

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