Jenelle Hoseus, Executive Director, Central Ohio Pathways HUB

Jenelle has spent the last decade dedicated to public policy and healthcare advocacy. Throughout her time as an employee of the State government and non-profits, she has worked diligently with a focus on healthcare reform and quality improvement. She has worked with federal, state and local governments on issues spanning from behavioral health, child welfare, Affordable Care Act, and long term services and supports. Her time spent on Capitol Square has given her significant experience in legislative affairs and executive administration in her roles of Chief of Staff and Legislative Director.

Jenelle has worked for the Ohio House of Representatives, the Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, Job and Family Services, the Department of Medicaid, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and the Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus.

In her current role at the Healthcare Collaborative (HCGC), Jenelle has taken on the role of Executive Director of the Central Ohio Pathways HUB. The Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus (HCGC) is an independent, not-for-profit organization committed to transforming the quality, delivery, and affordability of healthcare to ensure that all people in the Columbus region have the best healthcare experience possible. Through the HUB model, HCGC ensures that all at-risk individuals in Central Ohio are able to access care and services to better support a positive health outcome and quality of life.

Outside of her professional development, Jenelle and her husband, Steve, live in Dublin with their son and two dogs. She is actively engaged in the community and enjoys playing with her family, traveling, running, and reading on her porch swing.

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