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2015 Conference Presentations

Thursday, October 1

Producing Health by Connecting Community and Clinical Care

Eduardo Sanchez, MD, MPH, MS
Chief Medical Officer for Prevention
American Heart Association

100 Million Healthier Lives by 2020

Soma Stout, MD, MS
Executive External Lead for Health Improvement
Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Humility & Courage, Leading Change

Vondie Woodbury, MPA
Vice President Community Benefit
Trinity Health


Session A: “What’s Driving Population Health? The State of the Field in 2015”

Julia Resnick, MPH
Program Manager
Association for Community Health
Improvement/American Hospital Association

Session A: “Enterprising Health, A Model for Co-Creating Innovative and Sustainable Health Solutions with Members of the Community”

Eric Thrash-Sall, MBA
Community Benefit, Lead
St. John Province

Marcy Buren, LMSW
Director, Community Health
Ascension Health

Session B: “Learning What You Though You Already New”

Alicia Barlow
Senior Administrative Specialist
Rural and Urban Access to Health

Session B: “Showcasing Student Organizing Efforts to Improve Community Health”

Kate Hilton
Senior Faculty
Rethink health & Institute for Healthcare Improvement   

Becka DeSmidt
Community Manager
Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Session C: “Access Partnering4Health: A National Collaboration Building Community Capacity to Promote Chronic Disease Prevention and Equity”

Cheryl Welbeck, MBA
Project Director
DHPE – Partnering4Health      

Nicolette Warren, MS, MCHES, DrPH(c)
Director of Health Equity
Society for Public Health Education

Elizabeth Hartig
Project Coordinator
American Planning Association

Quinney D. Harris, MPH
Program Manager, CPHMC
National WIC Association

Session C:”Engaging WIC Agencies in Community Health”

Martelle Esposito, MS, MPH
Government Affairs Manager, CDC Community Partnerships
Grant Director, National WIC Association

Quinney D. Harris, MPH
Program Manager
CDC Community Partnerships Grant National WIC Association

Session D: “Community Alignment by Convergence – Alignment of Health Equity and Developmental Initiative”

Camille Miller, MSSW, CJA Board Member
Texas Health Institute

Arthur Himmelman, MPH
National Team Expert

Session D: “PacificSource’s Coordinated Care Model – A Force for Community Health”

Kate Wells, BS
Director of Community Health Development
PacificSource Health Plans

Marian Blankenship
Vice President of Government and Community Relations
PacificSource Health Plans

Session E: “Developmental Initiative Developing and Sustaining Multi-Sector Collaboration to Build Community Capacity in HIE”

Rhonda Poirier, DrPH
Managing Partner
Trega Partners International

Session E: “Pathways Community HUB – A Community Approach to Achieve the Triple Aim”

Judith Warren, MPH
Chief Executive Officer
Health Care Access Now

Jan Ruma, BS, Med, CFRE
Vice President
Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio

Friday, October 2

Leadership in Advancing Population Health and Social

Nick Macchione, MS, MPH, FACHE
Director and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
Health and Human Services Agency for the County of San Diego, California

How Algoma, Wisconsin Leverages & Aligns Dollars to Promote Health, Well-Being & Equity

Peter Knox, MS, BS
Executive Vice President
Bellin Health


Session A: “Where Are You on the Pathway for Transforming Regional Health?”

Ruth Wageman, PhD
Senior Scholar
Rethink Health

Jane Erickson, MPA, MAIR
Project Director
Inclusive Business Planning for Health, Rethink Health

Session B: “Improving Outcomes with Chronic Disease Management in Rural Communities”

Kelly Warnock, FNP
Access Kershaw

Session B: “Transitional Care Program – Reducing Homeless Patient Hospital Readmissions”

Joanie Erickson
Executive Director
Solano Coalition for Better Health

Session C: “Community-Centered Health Homes: Moving from Conceptual Framework to Full Scale Implementation”

Jaymee Lewis Desse, MS
St. Vincent Medical Group, Indiana

Rea Panares, MPH
Senior Advisor
Prevention Institute

Session C: “Patient Activation Using Trained Behaviorists”

Lisa Ladendorff, LCSW
Executive Director
Northeast Oregon Network

Session D: “Build Collaboration. Take Action. Make Impact. 3 Years of the Colorado Network of Health Alliances”

Denise Gomez, MPA
Community Initiatives Manager
Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved

Session D: “Bringing a Community to Consensus on a Health Improvement Agenda”

Laura Randall
SVP External Affairs
The Health Collaborative

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