Pre-Conference Presentations

Addressing Racism: Lessons from 100 Million Healthier Lives Josh Hannes, MS, Executive Director, Healthier Laramie County Community Partnership
Shannon Welch, MPH, Director of Community Health, Oklahoma City-County Health Department
Lena Hatchett, PhD, Executive Lead, Proviso Partners for Health, Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Victoria Hurtado, MSW, Measurement & Evaluation Specialist, Downtown Women’s Center
Paul Howard, MPA, Director of Community Initiatives, 100 Million Healthier Lives Institute for Healthcare Improvement (moderator)
Positioning for Sustainability: The Power of Research Karen Minyard, PhD, CEO, Georgia Health Policy Center, Georgia State University
Lars Mathiassen, PhD, DrTechn, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar, Professor, Center for Process Innovation, Department of Computer Information Systems, Georgia State University
Michael E. Kelly, MD, PhD, Chief Research Officer, Akron Children’s Hospital
Steve Spaulding, MD, Vice President, Akron Children’s Hospital
The Pathways Community HUB Model 2-15-18
Accelerating Financing Innovation to Sustainably Fund Population Health: Georgia Health Policy Center Leigh Alderman, JD, MPH, Senior Advisor, Georgia Health Policy Center
Criss Sutton, MSW, Senior Research Associate, Georgia Health Policy Center
Alyssa Lowe, MPH, Senior Research Associate, Georgia Health Policy Center
Branding, Marketing, and Social Media for Public Health Devika Rao, Vice-President, O’Neill Communications
Tina Ladson, Marketing Manager, Georgia Health Policy Center

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